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WATConsult…… In the news!

Corporate blogs, have been making news more often than not. Asia Times, on 25th April, wrote an in-depth article on Corporate blogging in the Indian context, covering its impact on companies like TATA, Infosys, Fritolay etc. The article, true to its nature spoke about the risk’s that corporate blogging carries with it, and in the same context mentioned about WATConsult, as a “social media management”  firm, that is  giving  Indian corporates professional help in blogging.

The article carried illuminating quotes from Rajiv Dingra creator and “chief blogger” of WATConsult on the Indian Corporate blogging and what, WATConsulant is doing to make Corporate Blogging more Understood.

Rajiv’s Quotes from the article:

Like other blogs, corporate blogs informally exchange feedback and information inside and outside the organization, but they run risks of suffering more damage than other blogs from legal and public relations disasters. So a new marketing and PR breed called “social media management” firms, such as New Delhi-based BlogWorks and WATConsult, are opening shop to give Indian corporates professional help in blogging.

Rajiv Dingra, creator and “chief blogger” of WATConsult, told ATol that many leading Indian companies are expressing interest in starting blogs.

“We are conducting a workshop in May on corporate blogging,” said Dingra. “We tell companies that just as we have offline conversations, blogs are necessary online conversations with clients, customers and employees.”

Dingra is convinced that blogs will be a standard corporate communication tool just like a website and e-mail ID, particularly in India, where more than 35% of the population is under 15 and the Internet is increasingly their basic medium of communication.

“Without publicity, Orkut has 6.13 million India profiles,” said Dingra, “and that should give an idea of how much a blog type of networking is necessary for any brand targeting the young in India.”

With an inherent freewheeling structure, blogs are unsure territory for nervous corporates for whom blogging could be uncorking a genie that could turn out to be a monster. But if it is executed well there is little to worry about, said Dingra, and even negative communication can be turned to advantage. “We even offer negative feedback management to our blog clients.”

The article also carried interesting quotes and insights from Tata Interactive systems – Ankush Gupta and Abhijit Bhaduri, who run’s the Fritolay blog amongst many others.

WATConsult in its attempt to make corporate blogging more understood has started conducted workshops. It’s currently in process of carrying workshops for companies. To enquiry about the same …contact us!

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