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Key Web 2.0 Trends 2008

Rajiv Dingra the Founder and Lead WATConsultant, just contributed an article which got published in the latest issues of IT Magazine. The article makes an attempt at listing down all the trends in web 2.0 Indian and International of last year i.e. 2007 and I also try my hand at some crystal ball gazing by looking into what key trends could affect the web 2.0 space in 2008.

Here is a synopsis from the article

The key trends to watch out for in 2008 in the Web 2.0 space based on the trends of 2007
The Year 2007 has been a great year for the Web now known as Web 2.0 the world over. On one hand there have been an upswing in the number of web 2.0 startups globally on the other hand popular web 2.0 startups like,, and others have been acquired or invested in by the giants of the web like Microsoft and Google.
Closer home in India the trends have been similar though still at a nascent stage as social networking became a buzz word with Orkut which led to the birth of startups like (which got funded by Sequoia Capital), (Reliance Backed), (Which recently got acquired by HTMedia) and many others. Though at a less frequency than the US, India has seen over 150 web 2.0 startups (According to a WATConsult Internal Research) been launched this year in different spaces right from social networking, social bookmarking, Blogging, Media Sharing, Local Search etc.

So in order to understand where the Web 2.0 trends are headed in the Coming Year 2008 one needs to analyze what has happened both internationally and in India in 2007.
Key Trends Seen Internationally in Web 2.0 2007

  • Open Api’s
  • Widgetization of the Web
  • Personalization of the Web
  • The Web is the New Desktop

Key Trends Seen In India in web 2.0 2007

  • Social Networking Phenomenon
  • Blogging Phenomenon
  • Media Sharing Phenomenon

Future Trends in India & International Web 2.0 2008 and Ahead..

  • Corporate Blogging
  • Niche Social Networking
  • Employee Communities
  • Vitual Worlds
  • Enterprise 2.0
  • Mobile 2.0

For all those who would like to read the entire article you can download the pdf key trends web 2.0 2008 or grab a copy of the latest IT Magazine. Do drop your thoughts on the article.

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