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Social Media Insight III – Sticking To Your Brand Persona Is Best Way To Converse On Social Media

One of the things that we at WATConsult do is educate our clients on how to engage with social media. After 3 years and over 100 pitches and 30 clients we can state that the simplest way to explain any ( and we mean even those who dont understand the S of social media) client what social media is and what can it do for him is the following:

Social Media is a universe of individuals conversing with other individuals. As a brand if you want to participate in this universe then you need to follow the following process:

1) Listen – The most important part of existing on social media is listening and knowing the pulse of conversations. The one who only talks and does not lissen has higher chances of getting it wrong with his/her conversations

2) Participate – One needs to have an opinion and support or contradict others. One cannot have a neutral point of view on social media and even as a brand you would need to stand for something. Participating with others who are behind a cause or an opinion or even a way of life can do wonders for your social media rank.

3) Contribute – Provide value, insights, freebies or just gyan but do contribute. By just participating there is just as far as you can get

4) Analyze – Its important to analyze your conversations at every step to build insights and better your approach to social media as a brand.

While one does the above one needs to keep one’s brand persona in mind. The best way to interact on social media is to consider your brand as an individual who cares about issues. For eg A laptop brand could care about technology, power consumption, style and speed all at the same time. It could also care about efficiency at work and performance at work. So in all its should focus on these areas as part of its conversation. Based on what the brand is its brand persona can be sketched out and the topics its believes in and cares about can be listed down. These are the topics that one should propagate and converse on in social media.

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