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The Social Media Joyride!

Before I start this post I must say that Ive absolutely loved every bit of running a social media agency in the last 4 years (almost.. we turn 4 n Jan’11). Things in social media scene in India have only recently started hotting up though. Ive mentioned in a social media evolution presentation earlier on how 2007-08 were growing but confusing times for social media.

Last year has been a fantastic one though. Facebook has crossed 14 million users, Linkedin has crossed 7 million, the whole of bollywood and cricket world is on Twitter and even youtube has made strides with live streaming of IPL. On the whole its been a dream year for Social media in India since last Diwali to this diwali.

We at WATConsult too have seen a lot of changes and progress over the last year. We have grown to a 30 people (almost and growing) team. We have added some fantastic clients (and continue to add them each week not having time to update the new logo’s ;)) and we have done some case study stuff work and won great testimonials as well as client confidence. We have outgrown both our current offices and are currently scouting for a big fat space to accommodate our folks.

But above all of this what we have managed to do is get a fantastic team on board. I say this because last night I was at the diwali dinner with my team and when I was reaching home I realized that the fun in building companies or running them is only because of the people you work with and the culture you build. The culture at WAT has been one of openness friendliness and respect. Its the buzz that keeps everyone going internally. Its when you feel that buzz you know you are going in the right direction.

Half of our jokes were twitter related or facebook related and it was great to see the team have a great laugh at them. It was also fun to suddenly see people get into work related discussions in the middle of dinner and be very engaged in the same. It felt great to know that the team connected strongly both with social media and with WATConsult. I felt like a proud parent of sorts :)

Lots of people have asked me that whether this social media fad will continue or no. My answer has always been that once people make it a part of their daily lives then its very difficult to change their habits. My belief is just like our offline dinner jokes were based on activities we did online I think a lot of others would feel the same offline impact of social media as it grows. I am an optimist and yes Social media wont be omnipresent and like any medium there will be heavy, light and ultra light users but it will redefine communication and that is the paradigm shift.

Sometimes brands and people both need to stop over analyzing what social media is and what it can do and just enjoy the process. Enjoy the joyride of free flowing conversation. The world wont end nor would it stop with social media but it is definitely changing and thats where the fun is :)

By Rajiv Dingra – CEO WATConsult

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