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Our Special Report On The Social Media Health Of Indian E-Commerce Players

Social Media, they say, is a double edged sword! It can make or break your brand but is that all there is to it? We believe that social media has an important part to play in a brand’s outreach and engagement activities. We were searching for answers as to how social media behavior of consumers affects the brand’s business.

This time we chose to look at one of the hottest sectors in the Indian segment – E-commerce. In the last five years we have seen e-commerce getting bigger, better and more accessible to consumers all over the country. Although these e-commerce brands have just taken to advertising on traditional mediums, they have cut their teeth on social and digital mediums. In fact, Flipkart’s ball started rolling in the early days because social media in addition to word of mouth amplified their brand. We thus decided to look at the social media health of these e-commerce companies and the results were enlightening.

We are sharing this special report with you so that you can get a deeper understanding of how social media affects customer support, brand perception and the overall e-commerce business. We hope you find it useful.

P.S: To download this report, you will have to put in your name, email id, company name and phone number.



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