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Jack & Jones India went Black This Valentine’s Day on Social Media

Come February, you see brands and their associated marketers getting all busy with how to attract the young crowd with Valentine’s day contests and promotions! Since we got into the social space almost half a decade ago, the scenario has remained the same and briefs we have gotten have not changed much. The Indian social media mainstream is still in love with the concept of Valentine’s Day, a day of love to be shared with your loved one. We are sure that  there are a significant number of people who don’t buy into the mushy nature of all these activities and are being actively irritated and antagonized by these brand activities.

We figured after thorough research into the space, that a significant niche exists which doesn’t like the mainstream and commercial nature of Valentine’s day (and not due to moral reasons like some other people in the country). We thought if we could go against the general flow and deliver Jack & Jones’ message to these people, we would break through the insane clutter that is generated on social platforms on Valentine’s day. Well, we tried it out and it worked for us and our brand.

We believe knowledge is better if it is shared with everyone and hence we are giving all of you a look into how we went about the  campaign.

The campaign was christened Black Valentine since we thought it was a cool name and at the same time a protest against the existing norms in the social media space.

Our research provided us with some details on the TG that we were targeting.

1. Males with an affinity for class and style.
2. Males who were unaffected by social pressures and were ‘Single By Choice’.

Our core communication:

‘I am single and I am bloody proud of it!’

What we did:

We came up with a Black Valentine Gallery which was hosted on Facebook. This gallery gave a chance for males in our TG  to declare to the world that they did not buy into the whole Valentine Day thing and that they were good with being single by choice.

This gallery was cross promoted on to Twitter and we asked our followers to tweet with the #BlackValentine hashtag.

We also asked our fans and followers to change their display pics to the ones we designed on Whatsapp and BBM so that our Black Valentine communication could have more reach among today’s texting obsessed generation!
In addition to this, we seeded intelligent content onto Facebook and Twitter.

What we got right:

Our attractive creatives and witty content increased the shareability of this content and thus greater reach for Jack & Jones.

We paid special attention to the UI of our app which made our audience go through the whole thing and download the creatives in addition to uploading their own.

We got a whole lotta conversations going because of our approach to Valentine’s day. These conversations were a great opportunity for us to plug in Jack & Jones with the right context.

Our communication helped Jack & Jones greatly in getting above the usual chaos and reach out to a significant amount of people

In a span of 3 days, we received 4743 visits to the App that led to downloads of 1681 Facebook Cover Photos, 781 Facebook Display Pictures, 249 Twitter Header Images, 193 Twitter Backgrounds, 202 WhatsApp & 481 BBM Display Pictures, making it a grand total of 3587 downloads.

What we learned:

1. Breaking off from the usual clutter works if you have counterintuitive ideas which can mesh well with your brand’s positioning.

2. Exploring your audience is a big deal! Not everyone needs a unified communication approach. Trying different things can do good things for your brand.

3. Even though our campaign was well received by our audience, we believe we could have taken it a notch higher by putting in a stronger product connect thus ending the campaign cycle by making sure our audience would flock to Jack & Jones store and buying their products.

An extension to this (next year) should be Black Valentine meets on 14th Feb  across Jack & Jones stores in the country marking a celebration with all things guys love to do- Football, Drinks & Food! This also goes bang on with the brand’s philosophy of its consumers coming together and having a good time.

We would love to hear  your inputs and suggestions. Please do send them in the comments below.

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