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How We Helped Godrej Security Solutions Market Safes Using Google Ads

How do you target early adopters for a Safe? And in a non-intrusive manner?

Consider a Google advertising campaign the way Godrej Security Solutions did, in co-ordination with WATConsult.

Godrej Security Solutions realized that in order to expand on their reach and increase sales in the Indian market, they needed to attain early adopters – customers who could be convinced to buy a safe in a non-ordinary circumstance.

Google Search and Display marketing seemed like the best route to reach out to these potential early adopters and also a route which could help track the efforts.

However, instead of directing all traffic to the brand website, it was decided that the traffic generated be directed to a custom landing page which could help capture leads and track conversions.

Various categories were identified as potential attraction points for the early adopters – these were test categories, identified on the basis of the customer mindset created due to the occasions in the person’s life.

Initial categories included Marriage (giving safes as wedding gifts + including safes as a part of the wedding trousseau) and Honeymoon (buying safes to ensure you keep your jewellery safe and belongings safe while you are on your honeymoon). The campaigns were timed such that the campaign duration was in tune with the Marriage and Honeymoon season i.e. October – January.

Research from Consumer Barometer indicates that an astonishing 34% of consumers make their purchase offline after searching for the product online. As such it is important that conversions are tracked by marketers to measure sales and the real ROI on online spends. Hence, with the help of ADOROI, call tracking was integrated in the campaign which involves allocating a unique phone number or a unique extension number to each test category. This helped identify which category brought more visitors who ended up calling.

To make the campaign more effective, ads were created, which focused on various aspects and in various combinations – product benefit, product price, brand name, name + price, category insertion, price title + benefit copy, price title + category copy, etc. and contextual targeting was used to make the ads more effective. Effective keyword marketing was also done to ensure higher natural ranking on Google search results page, and thus ensuring lesser cost per impression. Optimization of the ads helped achieve cost effective bids for the campaign.

As a result of all these efforts, this is what was achieved: 

  • The campaign was a definite success and helped reach new customers while maintaining a high return on investment.

  • Effective keyword marketing helped achieve better positioning in search results at a low cost per click.

  • Call tracking helped track the online ad campaigns in entirety and understand the actual ROI the ads were actually driving

  • An 80% conversion rate achieved from the campaign, one of the highest that the brand had witnessed until the campaign

As Mehernosh Pithawala, Asst Vice President, Godrej Security Solutions puts it, “Contrary to the perception, security solutions cater to the masses. Occasions such as Marriage and Honeymoon have hereto been untapped for the marketing of ‘Safes’ as a product category and via this google advertising campaign, we made sure that consideration of our products increased among customers during such occasions and thus improved category adoption as well.”

Key Takeaways from the Campaign:

  • Using test budgets initially, for understanding the audience in terms of its interests and search habits is advisable rather than investing at one go.

  • Google Campaigns should always be integrated with a lead capture, as it helps track conversions and ROI from the campaign.

  • Search ads work better than display in terms of clicks; however display ads throw higher impressions.

  • Search Ads mentioning brand name + savings or price points, work best.

  – Sabiha NS Khan, Senior Account Manager at WATConsult

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