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Shreya Ghoshal’s Birthday Makes Mirchi Even Hotter Online

Radio Mirchi has been the hottest thing to listen to on air for a while now, but when it comes to success in our age, sky is no longer the limit. The new limit is somewhere in space – cyber space. So the task we took up was to promote Mirchi on its online platform. The big idea? We thought we could celebrate and leverage the birthdays of famous singers by integrating Radio Mirchi’s Online Station –Meethi Mirchi.  We called our campaign, Birthdays Mirchi Maar Ke ! And what better singer to pick than Shreya Ghoshal. She is hugely popular on social media and has a following of over 7 million fans on Twitter and Facebook combined! Needless to say, if we managed to pull this one off, then our branded content would be viewed by an enormous amount of people.

What We Did:

Our communication was simple, but we twisted it a bit to make it more catchy. Instead of the ordinary #ItsShreyaGhoshalsBirthday, we ran the handle #ItsHERbirthday on Twitter. We tied it up with a contest for the biggest Shreya Ghoshal fan.

We also came up with a song request application on Facebook in order to collect song requests and take Birthday wishes for Shreya Ghoshal from the fans which would be played on their Online Radio Station on her B’day.

What we got Right:

Our judgment of the celebrity we chose made us hit a goldmine. We ran our Facebook activity of collecting song requests and birthday wishes via an application and gained a whopping 1,048 entries. Our hashtag #itsHERbirthday trended on Twitter for almost an entire day.

Our plan of leveraging her Birthday to promote our Online Station proved to be successful as our fans tuned in to Meethi Mirchi to listen to their song requests and Shreya Ghoshal’s exclusive interview.

What we learned:

  • A simple yet unique idea can work wonders if timing is right.

  • The ideas we come up with should not just be beneficial in terms of gaining fans but should also register on an emotional level with our fans.

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