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Are you ready for Digital 2020?

“The fact that you aren’t where you want to be should be enough motivation.”

Such goes the popular quote by a wise man who has managed to remain anonymous still.

But an interesting conundrum arises from this perspective.

What if we don’t even know where we are headed?

How then will we get anxious to improve?

How then will we challenge ourselves?

This is especially true for us marketers, who are going through the greatest era of upheaval and change in the storied history of advertising and marketing.

All powered by still evolving technological breakthroughs on the ad-serving and ad-making side and compounded by technological excesses on the consumer side, the promised tech utopia of the coming years needs to be a seen from a special lens if you are hoping to benefit from the inflection point of Digital 2020.

Like all great changes, the first steps will be taken in the mind and not on solid ground. The age old Brand Manager – mandated wisdom of quarter-on-quarter will have to evolve to NOW-NEXT-NEW framework. Simply put 70% in now, 20% in next, and 10% in new areas of digital advertising.

Inaction doesn’t create progress, action does. There is value in being innovative even at the cost of failure as it only enables you to be better at innovation the next time.

If you’re still skeptical, watch this video to know how Digital 2020 will affect brands and marketers alike.

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