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Technology trends until Digital 2020

Do you remember those amazing JAVA and Symbian phones that seem extremely outdated in comparison to what mobile devices are being developed today? Yesterday’s ever entertaining game ‘Snake’ has been replaced with games that are functionally & graphically more advanced.

Similarly, the technology that we see and use today will be gobbled up by new ideas and devices in the near future that is 2020. Will we need paper money in the future? Will I drive my own car? These are questions that we need to answer today to have a fair idea on what the future holds.

Here are some technology trends that will impact your business in the near future:

E-commerce growth in India

India’s e-Commerce revenue is expected to jump from $30 billion in 2016 to $120 billion in 2020, growing at an annual rate of 51%, the highest in the world – Joint ASSOCHAM-Forrester Study.

With India heading towards a post-demonetization, cashless economy, it’s time to prepare for a digital 2020!


Internet of Things

Increasingly, physical objects come equipped with sensors, embedded software and wirelessly network connectivity, which enables them to collect and exchange data.

These devices, collectively known as The Internet of Things (IoT) are becoming a part of everything around us: from clothing, homes, offices, factories, vehicles, retail environments to public infrastructure. Planning now for a digital 2020 makes complete sense and would give a head start to brands once the market matures.



The VR experience is no longer a novelty, it’s a maturing form of media, backed by big players. In fact, VR and AR devices may turn out to become the next personal computing platform, enabling new forms of experience. The technology is soon becoming a platform that advertisers should focus on or envision for 2020.


Wearable Tech

Wearable technology refers to smart devices that can be worn by users, taking the form of an accessory such as jewelry or eyewear.

With companies such as Apple, Samsung, Google and Xiomi already onboard, research firm CSS Insight anticipates that by 2020, the global wearable technology market will grow to $34 billion, with 411 million devices sold!

Imagine a targeted consumer who can order anything, anytime, anywhere without even whipping out their smartphone.



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