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Silences are awkward. General insurance is boring. So how do you marry the two? Simple, Awkward Silence – A campaign which personified everyday objects that were affected because the owners didn’t have general insurance.

For an objective – by Bajaj Allianz General Insurance – which was purely for brand recall and recognition, this concept – with an extravagant set up, a tight script and, strong voiceovers did the trick to hit the ball out of the park. The video series took 5 instances as simple as a family of bags losing their father at the airport to a gaming console being robbed right from the house it resides in to drive the thought.


All the videos are detailed to a T when it comes to the sets & have an element of colours that pop with cheeky yet relatable dialogue exchanges between two characters which brings them to a moment of ‘ooops’ when a mishap hits them. Since going live last month, our friends from the industry have been talking about it and raving at the work put in by the whole team at WATConsult.

We know you’re waiting to watch the videos that we’re talking about. So, don’t let the awkward silence resume as you take in these videos

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