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ONLY for Bieber

When it comes to fashion, there isn’t a more important demographic for brands than the millennials. Their influence has gone as far as brands having to alter the language they use to make a social impact.

To create an impact brands today have to ensure campaigns that inspire genuine engagement from within the audience rather than shouting a message across channels. This has fueled a new marketing goal of calling to participate rather than simply calling to action.

Capitalizing on this, ONLY set out to create a break through campaign with two simple words: Justin Bieber. The announcement of their association with Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour Concert in India as a Fashion Partner, had the attention all their target audience right away!

It just didn’t stop at this, ONLY leveraged the Purpose Tour concert in a way that not only ensured participation online but also got people to walk into their stores with a chance at winning a free ticket to the concert. This was accomplished through:

(1) Karaoke booths set up across select stores, where true Biliebers could sing Justin’s songs and via the designed app, upload that entry online right away and share it too. This took place at 6 stores in 4 major cities.
(2) An online contest to find the biggest Bieber fan. You could sing, dance, jump, beatbox – upload your entry and stand a chance to win.

ONLY had struck the right cord with its audience as entries began to pour in. Karaoke received over 200+ entries and the Superfan contest saw over 1000+ entries.

Making an impressive fashion statement, ONLY had Disha Patani launch the limited edition Bieber collection in stores and had it heavily promoted on all social channels. This generated a lot of buzz for the brand that immediately seen a hike in sales of the merchandise.

The #ONLYForBieber campaign resulted in a first of its kind unique Karaoke Application integrated in-store, 100 free tickets, winners flown in from across the country for the concert and soaring social numbers. After all, who doesn’t love campaigns that involve concerts and Karaoke apps!

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