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JACK & JONES is a brand of the young and for the young. The message, the brand has always tried to bring across is that of not being brought down by anything; be it societal prejudice, fear, restrictions, peer pressure, or any obstacle.

Leveraging the brand’s message of being “unapologetically yourself”, we set in stone a campaign called #DontHoldBack. A campaign that not only challenged attitudes, but people themselves! A campaign designed to leave an impact on the lives of the millennials.

To get the message across to the desired demographic, JACK & JONES needed someone who had the #DontHoldBack attitude plastered all over him. The ultimate personification of the phrase #DontHoldBack- Our very own, rowdy rambo – Ranveer Singh. The brand got this megastar to write a rap song that covered his journey of ‘then and now’ and perform it in their brand new music video.

This video was launched at a JACK & JONES store where youngsters from all over the country gathered to see this superstar rap and roll. The entire event was amplified through Facebook Live and uploaded on various social media platforms. Needless to say, the video gained immense traction and the views were off the charts!

The activities didn’t stop there. To boost engagement the brand then asked fans to share a rap of their #DontHoldBack stories. JACK & JONES received a whopping 1300+ entries out of which 4 were hand-chosen by Ranveer himself. These budding rappers were then given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to feature in the Don’t Hold Back 2.0 video alongside the megastar.

The brand succeeded in doing the unexpected. The hashtag #DontHoldBack became synonymous with JACK & JONES and now, there’s no stopping the audience!

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