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In this wide world of brands, many join hands to formulate eye-catching campaigns. You read about them in the newspapers, see a couple of advertisements and then it gets flushed out of the system. How do you break the monotony and turn it into a successful branding idea? Apollo Tyres brought in an amazing opportunity for us to do something disruptive and quirky at the same time!

Apollo Tyres recently launched a digital campaign called “#EarnTheJersey”, as part of their association with Manchester United. The innovative campaign is based on the saying, “A Jersey is always ‘EARNED’ and never ‘GIVEN’,” which is particularly true at Manchester United. The initiative is a part of the overarching umbrella of #ApolloXManUtd, for the Indian market.

#EarnTheJersey is a trial by which a fan can truly ‘EARN’ their Manchester United Jersey by ‘Going the Distance’ and proving that they deserve it. The users are supposed to download the augmented reality (AR) app from Google play or iOS store and scan the Apollo Tyres logo to start collecting Manchester United jerseys.

Along with creating brand awareness about the association amongst the Indian soccer & Manchester United fans, the key objective of the campaign is to also leverage the partnership with one of the biggest football brands to maintain the interest of Apollo Tyres consumers.

The launch of the app was hugely accepted by football/Manchester United fans across the country and the hashtag #EarnTheJersey trended for the entire day on 28th May 2017. The first phase of the campaign is until August. They plan to launch the second version of the app soon and the gratification can go up to a fully sponsored trip to Old Trafford. Currently, over 55% users are active on the app and over 450+ Apollo Tyres India employees are playing the game.

This campaign widened their Target Group to a younger audience and has successfully helped them make the most of this huge milestone in their company. Making it the epitome for smart branding ideas!

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