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Flaunt to Feed

Ever thought that you can be a part of an amazing initiative by just using a hashtag? Well, that’s the beauty of social media! Everything is simplified for the consumers.

Instagram users are known to ‘flaunt’ their food pictures every day, which gives rise to the casual habit of using the hashtag #instafood. With a good motive in mind, Godrej Appliances wished to make the most of this key insight. The brand saw a unique opportunity in the frequency at which #instafood was used on Instagram and tied it back to feeding underprivileged kids.

Godrej Appliances thus launched the campaign ‘Flaunt to Feed’ on Children’s day and gave an opportunity to the users to be a part of a great initiative. All users had to do was simply tag the brand’s Instagram handle @GodrejMicrowaveOvens the next time they uploaded a food photo using #instafood. For each tag received, Godrej Appliances helped feed one underprivileged child. So each time someone relished a delicious dish and decided to flaunt it online, that simple and effortless action helped the company feed a child. Godrej Appliances joined hands with ISKCON Food Relief Foundation’s ‘The Annamrita Project’ for the Flaunt to Feed initiative who provided meals for the kids.

The brand launched the campaign on social media with a 360-degree photo and explained the simple process of contributing to the campaign. With their quirky and engaging content, the brand managed to connect to all types of foodies. The brand also collaborated with the Indian Food Blogger’s Association (IFBAI) Awards which saw eminent food bloggers come together and support the campaign.

The campaign reached out to more the 6,200,000 users on Instagram and engaged with over 200,000 users. At the end of this campaign, the fans and bloggers helped provide nutritious meals to 1,672 children.

An impeccable combination of an essential insight with an amazing combination of social media influencers, helped Godrej Appliances make a small yet significant change in the children’s lives and turn this campaign into a successful one!

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