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PureHealthyAir AllDay – an innovative campaign by Eureka Forbes

When Facebook was launched in the year 2004, Mark Zuckerberg just wished to originate an online community for friends. Thirteen years later, this platform is not only a great hub for friends but also has more than 2 million active advertisers who successfully sell their brands online.

Eureka Forbes combined two of these major elements and decided to do something unusual. On World Environment Day, they wanted to emphasize the importance of breathing healthy and pure air. Along with raising awareness for the same, they wished to educate people on how can they breathe healthy and safe air.

To bring this idea to life, they created a Facebook profile bearing the name Purehealthyair AllDay on 5th of June 2017 and sent a request to a number of people. As people received a friend request through this profile, they were caught off guard and found it strange. They then visited the page and got a clear idea about the campaign. The profile shared simple tips on how one can breathe pure and healthy air by bringing about minimal changes in their lifestyle. It was quite evident that everybody wanted to be friends with “pure healthy air”.


On the first day, the profile garnered a total of 200 friends and also received a lot of friend requests. Over a span of four days, 400 people befriended ‘Purehealthyair Allday’. The campaign organically achieved a reach of 29350 with a total of 56688 impressions.

By the end of this campaign, Eureka Forbes was successful in creating an image of being a discrete brand, guide its audience toward breathing healthy air and facilitate optimum engagement on its page.

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