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Mother Dairy Ice Creams – Instant Impact Creatives

Optimizing organic reach for brands, isn’t rocket science. By using tools that provide real-time insights into market understanding, this can be done.

Here’s how Mother Dairy Ice Creams increased their reach and inspired genuine engagement through Instant Impact Creatives using our proprietary tool SocialCRM247TM.

SocialCRM247TM is a social listening tool, by WAT Consult, that monitors the most intricate details of every social conversation that takes place around individual brands and provides with real time insights into market understanding.

Using this tool, the brand analysed current topics that millennials were interested in talking/reading about and created moments in REAL TIME. These ‘moments’ ranged from international shows, popular TV Series, and trendy memes. The thought behind each creative was to simply make it relatable and strike conversations.

With minimal media spends, the posts started gaining attention online. The engagement rate was better than ever and the number of followers gradually increased.

In one year, Mother Diary Ice-creams covered 40+ moments which led to nearly a 50% increase in the organic engagement rate. A 78% change in brand sentiment was also recorded.

This is how Mother Dairy Ice Creams broke through the clutter using effective content marketing and minimal media spends.

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