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Chatbots – A great addition to your digital marketing strategy!

Digital marketing is constantly evolving with the introduction of innovative and disruptive technology. Chatbots are the latest phenomena to have captured the attention of marketers around the world. The rise in this technology is primarily due to social media platforms like Facebook introducing it for brands pages.

Many brands have deployed chatbots and have successfully leveraged customer data like web habits and interests to create customised communication and offers for them.

One example of this is HDFC bank who launched their chatbot called EVA (Electronic Virtual Assistant) earlier this year. The AI-based chatbot can answer millions of questions across multiple channels. It has the capability of collecting knowledge from thousands of sources and give you an answer in around 0.4 seconds. Similarly, Pizza Hut now uses chatbot marketing to receive food orders for delivery. You can order, get suggestions, and enjoy a Pizza by just chatting with a bot!

The technology has become a digital marketer’s favourite for many reasons! It reaches out to the masses, is in sync with the current digital campaigns of the concerned brands, is mobile-optimised and guarantees customer satisfaction!

Further combined with creativity and social media analytics, chatbots will make a great addition to a brand’s digital marketing strategy.

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