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Simplicity is the secret ingredient

I am sure most of us who have watched the movie Kung-Fu Panda 1, enjoyed Po’s quest to find the answer to the questions – What’s inside the Dragon Scroll? What’s the secret ingredient to my Dad’s Noodle Soup recipe?

Well, the answer was right there in front of his eyes.

In this creative day and age, we, the human race are forced to think out of the box and in the midst of the chaos and rush to come up with ideas, most of us end up missing the simple facts which can lead to big ideas. I am sure the thought, “why couldn’t I think of it?” has crossed everyone’s mind when you see a beautiful yet simple campaign done by other brands.

Simplicity ~ Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest.

An idea that is simple, not bundled with multiple complexities and strikes an emotional chord with the audience has the potential to go viral. Now how does one come up with the idea, what’s the secret ingredient?

With all the data, complex technologies and exciting formats, we have to engage people in the language they can connect with.

1. Begin the process by defining the objective that you want to achieve out of a particular campaign.

2. Identify a key insight which is crucial to get a head start in the right direction. This will help you stay right on track in the gambit of the brainstorming processes.

3. Come up with a creative idea and message which will help you achieve your objective in the simplest of manner.

4. Think of the most appropriate platform(s) to implement the idea: Digital / Social / AR / VR / App / Video etc.

5. Ensure your messaging is integrated with the overall communication piece and you don’t sound disconnected.

6. Explore the potential by testing waters with a sample set closest to your TG. Study how receptive they are towards the idea & messaging. Are they inclined towards a shorter form of content or long form is working for them? Do we need to serve them a series of videos or is the message getting lost in translation if we are opting for this route? Ask questions and take their feedback.

7. Be open towards making necessary iterations, by repeating the above steps, to make the campaign apt for the end consumers without compromising the simplicity and creativity.

Many times we elongate the task as we obsess over the wrong data and are distracted by noise. But when we look in the right place and follows the right approach then perhaps we have an observation that helps us achieve better results.

PS: The secret ingredient here is the simplicity of the idea, execution and more importantly the pursuit to leave a lasting impact! #InnerPeace

First appeared on Exchange4media

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