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10 mistakes that marketers should avoid for content marketing

In recent years, content marketing has emerged as an effective tool for marketers and they want to ensure that awareness and visibility is on top of the heap. One of the most important things that needs to be remembered is great story-telling. If the story is good, your audience will like and share it.
In order to create thumb-stopping content, here are 10 mistakes that marketers should avoid.

1) Repurposing a mainline Ad on digital and expecting similar results
A 30-second TVC uploaded on Youtube or a print Ad uploaded on Facebook will not automatically guarantee you success. Even if a marketer is repurposing content he/she needs to be mindful of the platform and its unique characteristics. What has worked on one platform might not necessarily work on the other.

2)Focusing on features or brand promise and forgetting to tell a story.
The Google TVC about the cross-border reunion is a great example. The story was the hero, it ensured viewer focus in spite of featuring the key Google services in it.

3) Paying for a Celebrity, instead of paying for a great script.
A celebrity can get the brand eyeballs but if the TVC script is weak it doesn’t matter who endorses what.

4) Being topical without being thoughtful.
Brands like to piggyback on events that are current and in vogue just to ensure a spike in visibility. But if it hasn’t been thought through then the brand can either get lost in the crowd or worse, receive severe backlash.

5) More content does not mean more engagement
Focus more on content quality as opposed to how many likes, shares and comments the brand is gunning for.

6) Creating great content but not distributing it enough
If the marketing team has spent good monies in creating great content then it only behooves them to spend enough media budgets to ensure it reaches as many people as possible. A good spends to creation ratio is 6:1

7) Paying for influencers but not paying attention to strategy
Brands must lock the strategy and craft the message with the content creators for best results.

8) Spending on content tie-ups but not spending enough time crafting the message
When doing content tie-ups specific platforms the message should be crafted keeping in mind the audience and how they will react to it.

9) Focusing more on what to say than how to say it
The message has to be absolutely clear, no room for ambiguity. And one this is married with good treatment and packaging you have a winning combination

10) Focusing more on Content Calendar rather than creating a content strategy
Invest time in the thinking process, tone of the content and how it will engage with the audience.

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