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Our Services

We help brands build remarkable digital campaigns

Digital has many facets and with the ever growing number and size of devices and types of online platforms be it social, apps, blogs or websites its become complicated to decide on digital marketing strategies and tools. We started as a social media specialist in 2007 and over the years have evolved into building capabilities and services across Digital, Social and Mobile. We take pride in going deep into the defining your digital goals with you and also delivering on them month on month and year on year. We don’t just look at one aspect of digital but deliver on the entire value chain be it creative strategy or media strategy coupled with digital execution.

Our Services

Digital Marketing

Be it media buying, creative ideas, design or web development we do end to end creation and implementation work in digital marketing. We have experience of managing all kinds of campaigns that lead to branding and ROI.

Social Media Marketing

We are pioneering social media marketing since 2007. Today we handle fully integrated social media campaigns and solutions be it Monitoring, Apps, Ads, New age platforms and Online reputation management.

Search Marketing

We have google certified professionals managing search campaigns for several clients. Our focus in search is not only to drive clicks, leads or transactions but also to drive innovative ways of using search.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing though in its early stages is one of the largest opportunities in India. We have experience in all aspects of mobile marketing be it mobile apps or mobile media campaigns that drive branding or ROI.

Digital Analytics

We have deep expertise in delivering analytics for each and every campaign be it digital, social, search or mobile. We use advance tools to build realtime insights into ongoing and past campaigns.

Digital Video Production

Digital video is one of the areas where we are growing our footprint aggresively . Be it 2D/3D animation, Stock Motion, Branded videos, Viral Videos or Digital Video Commercials we do them all.

Our Solutions

A social media monitoring and response management command centre that provides realtime insights to brands for better market undertanding and customer satisfaction.

With cutting-edge and innovative audience buying media solutions, we help brands find the right customer online and target campaigns better.

An innovation lab to create new-age brand experiences. Experimenting with latest technologies like AR, Robotics, VR & Gesture Control for solutions in seamless cutting-edge brand integration.

Whatever it takes to be a successful shop online. We integrate tech, sales, warehouse and support to customise a solution for best ROI

One-stop-shop for all audience and market analysis and understanding. Provides detailed consumer insights for impeccable campaign decisions-making.

What We Do

Build Brand

One of the key things we do at WATConsult is think about how the digital campaign is going to affect your brand and how your brand can be strengthened and built via key digital initiatives.

Build Business

Digital is not just relevant for branding but it also delivers direct business impact through leads generation and transaction led campaigns. We make it our endeavour to craft and structure these campaigns for best possible outcomes.

Manage Reputation

We help brands manage their reputation online right from tracking brand mentions to responding to customer queries or complains. We also help analyse types of queries and help brands build a FAQ that ensure future queries are dealt with promptly.

Why Choose Us

Thinking through content that is shareable comes easily to us as we have evolved from being a social media agency to a full service digital agency. We believe good creative in digital is key as it helps you do the following:

  • Break clutter and stand out
  • Provide users with a message they can share, spread and make their own

We have through several campaigns delivered on the above to aspects thereby ensuring creative does its job for our clients.

Digital as a medium is known for its speed be it realtime viral impact or lack of attention from users beyond a few seconds. Its important to enable a digital campaign with a highly energetic team. We are young and energetic team that not only brings its own experience to the table but brings a childlike enthusiasm to doing differentiated and good work. Our focus is always to do better than we did yesterday and our boundless energy helps us achieve this goal for our clients.

One of the things we strive to get absolutely spot on at the start of any engagement or client relationship is the objective. Its very important to us that the clients objectives is not only understood but also mapped to prospective results that deliver on this objectives. Our result focussed attitude helps us in helping clients understand digital better and also move up the value chain in terms of digital assets and experiences for their brand.