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Mothers Against Flu Social Media Case Study

Mothers Against Flu Social Media Case Study

Mothers Against Flu Social Media Case Study


Flu, often referred to as common cold, is an underestimated disease in India. Few know and understand the infectious nature of this disease and its potentially life-threatening complications.

Sanofi Pasteur is the world’s no.1 flu vaccine manufacturer and has donated 100 million doses of H1N1 vaccine to WHO during the pandemic in 2009. In India, Sanofi Pasteur has been leading the fight against flu using a 360 degrees approach to increase awareness i.e. educating the medical fraternity & lay public. 

Our Idea

‘Mothers Against Flu’ on Facebook was conceptualized and created to be the next step in engaging with target group of modern urban moms, who share the latest in their lives on social media, and use the internet as their source for information on child health.

Using the primary values of protect, care and concern, we gave moms a platform to voice their concerns, and seek relevant information which would help them understand flu and ways in which they could deal with it.

Our Execution

The campaign is being executed in a two tiered format – Content and Engagement – Content on the platform is relevant and talks about various ways in which flu can be dealt with, myths about flu, how growing kids can be looked after, about vaccines for flu, etc. Also here is a character called ‘Mr.Flueey’ who is basically a flu virus, and using this character, various scenarios have been designed and via infographics the journey of a flu virus has been showcased in an extremely easy to understand format which helps moms understand flu better. Additionally to keep moms engaged, there are contests held which are topical, and in sync with the seasons – for example – no cook contest – wherein moms were asked to submit no cook recipes for their kids, Rainy Day contest – wherein moms could share how they keep their kids heathy during the monsoons, etc. To encourage moms to converse with us, we identify a ‘Supermom of the Month’ who is one mom who has shared, and interacted with us the most during the month. 


  • A facebook community of Over 100000 Moms actively discussing flu and how to prevent/ take care of it.