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Our focus is on….

Keeping track of all conversations about your brand and helping you converse more effectively with the right consumers

There is a wealth of information being shared at this very minute on the world wide web in the form of chatter on various blogs and social networking sites. It is a barometer of public opinion, thoughts and sentiments. Gone are the days when markets could turn into conversations, now is the time when conversations can be churned into markets.

We help you tap the potential of all conversations related to your brand, analyze them properly  and further leverage our expertise by replying appropriately to enhance your brand image. Social media monitoring includes-

1. Conversation discovery

Who is talking about you? What are they talking about you? Where all are people talking about you?

We provide you with detailed statistics and data relating to all these questions with help of advanced monitoring tools.

2. Conversation  analysis

After collating all the available data about your brands online presence, we help you understand what exactly it means for your brand. We hold the expertise to analyze the views and trends about your products and services and suggest the future opportunities for growth accordingly.

3. Conversation insights and recommendations

The key to effective social media marketing is two-way interaction. After understanding what consumers are saying about your brand, we help you frame appropriate replies and converse effectively. Providing a personal touch to all your online conversations to increase your fan base and their loyalty would be key at all times.