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Rajiv Dingra –CEO

R ajiv Dingra is the Founder and CEO of WATConsult (a wholly owned property of WATMedia Pvt. Ltd.) A thought leader in the Social Media space, he has invaluable experience in creating and executing successful campaigns for 50+ (Approx) clients in both the B2C and B2B segments. Maverick, Mad Hatter yet a true Visionary is what is Rajiv Dingra. The man responsible for everything that is WAT on this earth Rajiv bring 7 years of core entrepreneurship experience. He has been a digital analyst, marketer and speaker for the last 7 years. He is obsessed with gadgets, cricket and loves his food. He is the brain behind the WATConsults creative exploits as well as its rapid growth till date. The man who is always running against time and thriving on speed. One meeting with him should be enough for you to get the gist of the true passion behind WATConsult and its work.



Heeru Dingra –Director. of HR & Finance

H eeru Dingra is the Director – Finance and HR at WATConsult and brings with her a wealth of experience from the Banking, Mortgage and Real Estate Industry in India. Business Strategy and Finance Management is her forte. She has been instrumental in growing the footprint of WATConsult beyond our home base, Mumbai.






A Team is a team that works together.. We believe in that and that’s why we have AWESOME team that loves working on fun and engaging social media campaigns and also pose in fun way for the camera.. Have a look below: