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Beerpacity – Social Media App Campaign

Beerpacity – Social Media App Campaign

Beerpacity – Social Media App Campaign

The Challenge – In a day and age when there are so many convenient, cheaper and preferable ways to watch movies, it poses a great challenge to DVD & Blu-ray retailers. The Indian market from the begining has never been accustomed to the tradition of purchasing DVDs or Blu-rays. The viewer would rather watch it online or download the rip from online repositories. Althouhgh piracy is a crime, it isn’t a hard hitting one, atleast in India. So how does one get users to buy a DVD?

Idea – People who drink alcohol have a habit of bragging about their capacity to hold their liquor. Eg: I had 8 beers and I was still sober.

Innovation – We took this emotion and gave users a social media app in the form of a virtual chugging app where they had to chug one beer after another. A player had to hit the spacebar as fast as possible to gulp down that chilled beer. The score was calculated as per the number of bottles chugged.

The kings of alcohol were identified by an integrated leaderboard that showcased the name of the player and the number of beers they drank.

At the beginning of the game we integrated a comic strip that plugged in The Hangover 3. The comic strip was a conversation between Allan & Chow. This added a hint of humor to the game to stay true to the story line of The Hangover 3.

The game was hosted on Facebook via an integrated i-frame. Fans were intimated via Facebook updates about the launch of the app. The updates had the link to the app included. We plugged in the app via a twitter contest while using the Hashtag #DrunkPeopleSay.

Results – 

  • 1900 clicks on the game link
  • 1150 plays on the app
  • 7000 DVD sales