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Dr.Reddy Social Media Case Study

Dr.Reddy Social Media Case Study

Dr.Reddy Social Media Case Study


Pharmaceutical industry works in a highly regulated environment. Companies cannot advertise to promote their products. How could a pharmaceutical company like Dr. Reddy’s use the potential of social media? That was the challenge.

Our objective was to create a community to spread the message of good health, without marketing or promoting any of our products.

Our Idea

The idea was to shift focus from pharmaceuticals & illness, and lead the consumer to a healthier tomorrow. Our solution path was to connect, then converse and finally collaborate.

It started with the thought of giving our consumers a healthier tomorrow through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We leveraged Social channels to build a long-lasting relationship with our social audience.

Our Execution

Dr. Reddy’s engaged with its audience in an interactive way with innovative campaigns on Facebook.
We kicked off by giving World Heart Day a twist with “Heart 2 Heart” campaign, where the fans were given a chance to send good wishes to their friends and family in a whole new way.

Our offline CSR initiative went online with “Share a Pill of Happiness”. Fans shared a virtual pill through an application and each pill shared by them enhanced the amount to be donated by us. Over 800 people were involved in this activity.

Dr. Reddy’s gave the audience to a chance to appreciate their doctors with “Thank Your Doctor” campaign. Fans shared their messages for their doctors on Facebook and we sent out special cards to their doctors.

A virtual movement was created with “We See the Can in Cancer” to spread awareness about breast cancer. Interactive parade was created with Flash animation and it was integrated in a Facebook application.

We also helped our consumers in their hour of need through social media, by reaching out to them and provided them with vital medicines

The Results

The main goal of creating a community to spread the message of good health was achieved, without promoting any of our products. We facilitated our loyal fan base with valuable knowledge about good health.

We started off with 29 fans on Facebook with very low engagement. Currently we have over 128K fans with healthy engagement. Dr. Reddy’s has managed to build an emotional connect with its fans on social media through creative campaigns and also gained good interaction. Our fans have appreciated our initiatives.

We also utilized Twitter platform to disseminate information and gained over 840 followers organically.