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Mirchi Music Awards Social Media Case Study

Mirchi Music Awards Social Media Case Study

Mirchi Music Awards Social Media Case Study


The marketing of the Mirchi Music Awards Social Media activity was built around the following objectives.
• Build anticipation for the event
• Engage people
• Take LIVE event to masses
• Sustain excitement till TV broadcast

The Big Idea

These objectives were to be obtained over the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Jury members were introduced and updates promoting and showcasing the meet were put up. Off-beat Applications were created and promoted which led to awareness of the event & engage the online music community. Star interviews were promoted through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

During the event, Live tweets and updates speaking about the on goings and highlights of the event were put up in order to keep the audience updated.

Post the event a countdown was done leading to the telecast of the event in order to drive tune ins for the On-Air show.

The Execution
• Applications:
o Music Ka Don [Trivia Application]
• A time-bound quiz application wherein users test their Music IQ by answering a set of questions. This application was launched primarily to target and engage with the music enthusiasts present online
o Listener’s Choice [Voting Application]
• A special category dedicated to voice out listener’s choice. We built a Voting Application to get the fans to vote for the most popular song/album
o Besuron Ki Toli [Video Application]
• A fun concept to encourage the non-singers / bathroom singers wherein they were asked to submit their videos of imitating their favourite singers
o Video Promotions – A set of hilarious videos were created featuring our RJs who depicted the whole concept of Besuron Ki Toli and encouraged the users to participate

During Event:
• LIVE Tweeting and Facebook Updates

Post Event:
• Build up for TV Telecast with Backstage Videos, Exclusive Event Images and Countdown
• Live Tweeting on the Telecast Day

The Results

The two month long campaign on social media led to some recognizable achievements.

On Facebook, on over a 100 updates, we received about 1,21,794 interactions (Shares, Likes, Comments) and 1, 62,077 fan increase.
On Twitter, a total of 4,860 tweets were posted which generated 4,900 interactions and follower increase of 1,618. Also, we had a number of celebrities that tweeted to us regarding the event like Amitabh Bachchan, Shreya Ghoshal, Shaan, Mika Singh to name a few.

#MMAwards trended in India at No.3 for 24 hrs on the event night
On YouTube, with a total video upload of 52, the videos views generated were 399,841 and 871 interactions were obtained.