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SAP Social Media B2B Case Study

SAP Social Media B2B Case Study

SAP Social Media B2B Case Study

SAP India is the world’s leading provider of business software, offering applications and services that enable companies of all sizes and in more than 26 industries to become best-run businesses.

The campaign objective was to increase SAP’s fan base and drive engagement through “pull” instead of the traditional “push”. SAP engaged with its audience in an interactive way with innovative campaigns. We chose topics that would be of interest to our fan base and linked them back to SAP’s offerings.

We wanted to talk about SAP’s association with McLaren and how the McLaren F1 team uses SAP systems for better real-time decision making. Using Facebook, a quiz called #SAPF1Quiz was conducted during Formula One Indian Grand Prix. This activity talked about interesting facts on F1 and also touched upon SAP brand awareness.

A major chunk of our followers are potential employees who wish to be associated with SAP in the near future. To cater to this fan base, we created a special Facebook tab to talk about exciting job opportunities at SAP. This move helped us reach out to talented eligible professionals for various job categories and helped us with our recruitment procedure.

We also promoted our links with the exciting world of NBA and showcased how we make them run better. And since we understand that recognition is the greatest motivator, we acknowledged our best fans with the Top Facebook app.

Campaign Performance
Through the various activities conducted on the SAP Facebook Page on a regular and ongoing basis, we achieved our main goal of establishing ourselves as technology brand. We gained customers, employees, and students through our social media operations.

Showcasing our association with McLaren F1 team using #SAPF1Quiz on Facebook helped us attain great heights of interaction. For #SAPF1Quiz, our total post reach was 74,127 and post impressions were 100,351.

We engaged in a fruitful two-way conversation with our audience, instead of relying on one-directional communication. This is how we created a social media b2b case study